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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the HOLI ONE Color Festival associated with the original Indian Holi fest?

    The HOLI ONE Color Festival is inspired by the original Indian Holi fest, but is not associated with or related to that festival. It is important to note that the HOLI ONE Color Festival is not a religious festival or event. It does not aim to promote any religious aspects or groups. Instead the festival is about promoting the ideas of togetherness and the color of everyday life during a day of fun and exhilaration. 

  • Will I be able to purchase food and drinks at the event?

    Yes, food and drinks, including alcohol, are on sale at the HOLI ONE Color Festival. The consumption of your own food and drinks is not allowed and you may not bring glass to the event.

  • Are there any HOLI ONE festival wristbands?

    Yes we got them! We have beautiful blue ones, just to keep it as a souvenir and remind the great moment you enjoyed at HOLI ONE.

  • Can I bring my camera, cellphone, watch and other electronic devices?

    You will want to capture all the amazing moments during the festival, but please bear in mind that expensive electronics, like cameras and cellphones, may get damaged by the powder. It is advisable to keep these protected in a bag, plastic cover or sleeve.

  • What should I wear to the festival?

    You will not leave the festival looking the same as you arrived. Festival goers should wear white and leave colorful! Hats and sunscreen are advised for protection from the sun as the event is completely outdoors. Comfortable shoes/sandals and clothes you don’t mind getting full of colorful powder are recommended. Safety goggles/glasses can also be worn to protect the eyes, especially for people who wear contact lenses. 

  • How do I know when to throw my powder?

    A countdown takes place every hour on the hour when people can release and throw their powder.

  • If I pre-purchase my tickets, where do I get my powder from?

    If you buy a “General Admission with powder” ticket, you’ll be able to collect your powder at a specific entrance on the day. Just make sure you have your ticket with you.

  • Is the HOLI ONE color powder safe?

    Yes, the powder is completely non-toxic, water soluble and environmentally friendly.

  • Where can I get my HOLI ONE powder?

    The powder will be available to purchase on the day from a stall setup at the event. The 5 colours will be available while stocks last on the day.

  • Can I bring my own Gulal color powder?

    No, because we have imported only certified 100% natural HOLI ONE color powder and only this substance may be allowed at the venue. Any other powder would be unsuitable and will be confiscated.

  • What time does the festival start and end?

    HOLI ONE is celebrated from 12:00 to 22:00, sometimes followed by an after party in a local club in the surrounding area.

  • Is there an age restriction for HOLI ONE?

    HOLI ONE is for over 18s only. Even if accompanied by an adult, there will still be no under 18s admitted into the event.

  • Will there be tickets on sale on the day of the event at the venue?

    Yes, but only a limited number if the festival is not sold out.